The Yonhap News Agency reports that Samsung is expected to beSamsung Electronics is recalling its brand-new smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, after dozens of users reported the devices exploded or caught fireThe second recall, end of sales Despite the replacements, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units continued to catch fire

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has exploded in consumer’s pockets, homes, garages and offices; Causing serious burns and other injuries, as well as property damage

How Did Samsung Botch The Galaxy Note 7 Crisis?Samsung traced theShortly after the Note 7 recall, Samsung faced another lawsuit

While recalls in the smartphone industry do happen, including forThe version that’s for sale in China isn’t impacted by the recall, because it apparently

Samsung Electronics Australia has officially recalled over 50,000 of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the Australian market, after dozens of the devices globallyThe expanded recall now

After its embarrassing Galaxy Note 7 recallIf you're out of the loop on everything that has happened, here's a timeline recap of

My original Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review continues belowSamsung is recalling Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after numerous reports of exploding batteries

Samsung, t he maker o f the Galaxy Note 7 cell phone, has officially decided to recall all 1 million sold models of the phone due to their tendency to catch fireA Samsung employee shows how the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone can work in water

In the mean time, we are pouring over all of theTake incredible photos with Samsung's fast auto-focus and a lens that lets in 95 percent more light that the Galaxy Note 5***

Apparently, gently suggesting that people return Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that might have been prone to exploding wasn't a strong enough move

This recall involves all Galaxy Note7 devices received asSamsung's Note 7s are being pulled from shelves in

SEOUL, South Korea - Samsung Electronics recalled all of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on Friday after finding batteries of some of the flagship gadgets exploded or

Federal consumer safety regulators on Thursday formally recalled 1 million Galaxy Samsung Note 7 smartphones after dozens of users reported the device caught fire while

In a potentially damaging episode, Samsung, the world’s biggest maker of smartphones, announced on Friday that it would recall its Galaxy Note 7 model after discovering aSamsung Electronics recalled all of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on Friday after finding batteries of some of the flagship gadgets exploded or caught fireBut the devices have been recalled due to exploding batteries

Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on Friday after finding some of their batteries exploded or caught fire

Now, with the potential for danger, Samsung must come up with a plan over the next few weeks to determine how best to handle the recall

Customers can stillThe Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires were caused by problems with the smartphone’s battery which caused overheating and, inThe Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (stylized as Samsung Galaxy Note7) is a discontinued Android-based phablet designed, developed, produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics