A lot of users who experience the echo problems face it during calls and most times about 2 minutes or so into the callI then replaced the speaker - no joy replaced the cable for speaker, camera and what not - no joy Pushed a needdle through the mesh on the replacement screen allowing the sound from the speaker go to my ear - AMAZING!!! Ear speaker went out on my iPhone 6 and I could hardly hear anything when someone calledThere are some headphones that have poor tolerances and this can cause iPhone to not recognize it when speakers as well as headphones are unplugged

iPhone 6 6 Plus 7 8 SE 5 LCD Touch Screen Replacement Digitizer Display AssemblyThis cable includes the front-facing camera, secondary microphone, ambient light and proximity sensors

If your iPhone XS Max stuck on headphone mode, at that time, iPhone speaker would not work

For a deeper clean, dip the very tips of the bristles in rubbing alcoholJust noticed that my iphone 8+ (ios 11Speaker on the bottom of the phone works fine so I can do speakerphone, listen to music, etc

Check the receiver opening to see if it's blocked or dirty

One of the first reported causes of this issue is tied to poor quality repair screensYou can take a toothpick and cover its tip with cotton

Both iPhones ship with a set of Apple EarPods, in-ear headphones with an in-line microphone

Sep 17, 2019 · Part 2The problem seems to occur only with headphones jack with microphone

Sep 17, 2019 · Part 2May 13, 2019 · The iPhone receiver won't work properly if it's blocked or dirty

6 Tips to Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working in iOS 11 1I called Apple after waiting 30 min on hold someone finally picked up this line

It's also the speaker that is used for talking on speaker phone, as well as playing audio for games, movies, music, etcAug 16, 2019 · It might not be a design classic like the iPhone 4 or iPad mini, but it nevertheless looks and feels great

I change speaker flex with working one change speaker Restore with latest ios Only speaker phone working but while i use speaker phone my voice not GSM-Forum Iphone 6 ear speaker not working please help me experts - GSM-Forum Oct 02, 2019 · More of the people have a query on voice call quality on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plusSo you need to remove it

If your iPod or iPhone is included in the following list, it will work with these systems

Some people can’t get the in-car

Try placing the top of the phone, the ear piece, near your head first, and then pull the bottom, the mic part, into position

Get a brand new iPhone 6 Earpiece Speaker replacement at FixezI've toggled between mute/reg & volume up/down

Sep 17, 2018 · Whether the problem is in iPhone 6 headphones volume control not working, or any new model of the iPhone, the restart will significantly fix the issueSome users reported that AirPods keeps disconnecting from iPhone with iOS 13/12If the iPhone microphone not working even though you have tried all of the solutions we listed above, contact Apple or visit one of their stores