Brick breaker sprite sheet

1. Redraw every single sprite sheet to include a left facing and a right facing, and add lines to my config files to specify facings, doubling the size of my sprite sheets. 2. Forget SFML 2.1 and keep using SFML 1.6. Seriously, the lack of FlipX on sprite is a serious game-breaker for me. and for the sake of it.. 3. I am learning to work with Cocos Studio. The problem is: I created an animation from multiple sprite in Cocos Studio. Now I want to load it to my cocos2d-x project. Buy Brick Breaking Game Kit by IrissNebula on GraphicRiver. Please, look at this presentation video to get full image of this Kit. You can get a sounds pack for this game here. ... Oct 27, 2013 · This is my first tutorial so I hope you like it. Haven't you played some breakout-style game which have a power up to make the ball stick to the paddle? Of course you do. Some breakout games like Brick Breaker Revolution (Digital Chocolate), Block Breaker Deluxe (Gameloft) or Smash Frenzy (Alawar) use the feature.